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Updating the community

Wow, this community hasn't been updated forever. I got a copy of Illyria for Giftmas, and I'm excited to dig into it soon. Has anybody else gotten some of Liz's recent work?

Also, a question to get the discussion rolling: what's your favorite short story by Liz?

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I'm delighted to find a community devoted to Elizabeth Hand; I discovered her writing four or five years ago, first in the New Wave Fabulists issue of Conjunctions, and then through Waking the Moon and a long hunt for everything else of hers I get my hands on. I've now read everything but Aestival Tide (which I've never found a copy of) and the novelizations/tie-ins.

I had the chance to meet her at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts maybe four years ago, and she was very nice and very cool. My husband and I ended up in the hotel's outdoor hot tub when she and her friends got in so we had the chance to chat, even. (I was there to give a paper on John Crowley, another favorite writer; luckily, perhaps, he was not there that year, as I usually give papers on nineteenth century writers, who are unlikely to turn up in the room when you're babbling on about their work.)

Any interest in a group reread of one of her novels? I know those can be hard to get going, but I'm about due to reread Waking the Moon anyway!

Also, does anybody know anything about her Bride of Frankenstein novel? I've had that on my Amazon wishlist seemingly forever, and the publication date keeps getting pushed back.
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Watch as the new member fangirls shamelessly!

I first read Waking the Moon last December. I found it by browsing a library catalogue website-I think I searched "Goddess worship- fiction", but I'm not sure) Anyway, I ended up taking the other books back unread because I kept re-reading WtM. I loved it. I took out most of her other books (Glimmering, Mortal Love, and Black Light) but only managed to finish Black Light. Couldn't get into the others. *shrug* I've been toying with an (unauthorized) screenplay, but  have to work around lubrary deadlines, as the book isn't available anywhere near where I live. Sigh. I kept trying to get my friends into it, but they either couldn't find it anywhere, or just didn't like it.
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Novels and Hollywood

I just found and joined this community, so greetings! I've been a huge fan of "Waking the Moon" for years and have re-read it several times, along with a few of Elizabeth Hand's other books... "Glimmering", "Black Light", and "Mortal Love", but "Waking the Moon" will always be my favorite. I'm currently taking some Humanities courses, including Greek & Roman... and it's a sharp reminder of the amazing reverence for cultural and historical points of reference in Elizabeth's books. She is one of the few writers that inspires me to LEARN...

I have a few personal favorite books that I occasionally wonder what a movie adaption would be like... not that it's likely to ever happen with the books that I love. Other examples would be Jacqueline Carey's "Kushiel" series and Christa Faust's "Control Freak". Sometimes I'll hear music that I think would fit perfectly into particular scenes of these imaginary movies, or I'll see scenes in other movies that remind me of parts of the books.

Recently, I saw "Across the Universe" in the theatre, and there's a section when Jude first meets Max at (mid-1960's era) Princeton. They form an unlikely friendship, and throughout the scenes, I'm flashing back to "Waking the Moon" and Oliver and Sweeney's unlikely friendship. Perhaps it was the gorgeous university atmosphere, the partying and excess, the youthful exuberance, or the beautiful characters themselves, but something clicked.

As a topic of conversation... who, from modern Hollywood, would you suggest to play the characters in "Waking the Moon", if a movie were ever made?
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I've just been rereading Elizabeth Hand's work for an essay I shall be doing on Dark Fantasy over the next few months and am delighted to find this community...
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Talk about giving thanks...

I am so glad I found this community.  Oh myyy.  I picked up Waking the Moon in about 1999, I think, read it, loved it, forced everyone I know to read it and discovered that no one liked it even a quarter as much as I did except my dad.  Since then I've read every Elizabeth Hand book I could get my dirty fingers on (except the Star Trek or Star Wars or whatever novelizations--are those actually written by the same Elizabeth Hand?  I have never cared to find out).   Currently I am at work on getting several of my new college friends to read Winterlong, but...  Well, we'll see.

Speaking of Winterlong, I have a question.   I've read Winterlong (obviously) and Aestival Tide, but I've been unable to quite get in to Icarus Descending.  Has anyone read it?  I'm just curious if we find out what happens to Raphael.  I see that Miss Jane and Wendy show up, just from scanning it, but Raphael I'm not sure about.  I suppose I won't be heartbroken, but I will be a little disappointed.  Also, I found myself rather interested in Reive and the Orsina family over the course of Aestival Tide, and I'm wondering if they show up at all, too.  Basically, does Icarus Descending tie everything together, or does it just throw out a whole new cast?  Again, either way is cool, because at this point I trust Hand to write something enjoyable no matter what.  Just wondering.

And let me say again how ecstatic I am to have joined this community.  I feel like I've come home!  Sniff! 

Waking the Moon icons, part the first.

There are actually a lot more of these on my home computer, but I was dumb and didn't put them on disk to bring them here. Most of this icon post will be Angelica and a few creepy-looking Othiyms. The blurry icon of Sweeney--well, that's the only picture I could find that evoked her at all, in my head, and so I just sort of ran with the blurriness. Also a few icons of phrases from the book. Most of this art turned up during a random image search and I don't know whose it is--let me know and I will credit. :)

The rest, which hopefully I will be able to post tomorrow, are mostly character icons with character names on them. Plus a few less-creepy Othiyms.

But for tonight--

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I think I was about seventeen when I came across Winterlong. I was in Dillons bookstore in The Plaza, in Birmingham city centre, England. It was lunch break and I'd taken the bus into town. I really was not enjoying school then.

The cover was what caught me: paperback, red background, green eyes, blade. Ooh, I had to pick it up. I had to buy it and read it.

It was a lush and exotic read. And the two main characters were redheads (I really liked red hair back then.) Shakespear's Sister was in the charts with "Stay" and that's sort of like the theme song for that novel for me.

Apart from their colouring, I liked the amorality of Wendy and Aidan. I liked the craziness of their world. Oh, and of course, I loved the beauty, the deadly seductiveness of a poisonous realm.


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Promotion and discussion.

I've begun promoting the community, and over the next few days, we'll have a temporary layout until I'm finished with a more permanent one.

In the meanwhile, an easy-peasy question to get discussion started-- which of Liz's novels is your favorite, and why? Have you read any of the short stories? What was your reaction.